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Year 3 stay safe with visit to Hazard Alley

Published on 10/03/17

On Tuesday 21 February Year 3 went on an exciting trip to the Safety Centre in Milton Keynes; here they entered Hazard Alley and learnt how to keep themselves and others safe in a variety of different situations.

The centre provided many different realistic scenarios, showing the pupils the types of hazards they might encounter in real life. These included a living room in a house, a building site, a road, a shop, a railway line, travelling in a car and what to do when you are near water.

The pupils were put into small groups and took part in a range of activities such as spotting hazards, role-play, which included learning how to dial 999, and finding safe routes to different locations. Each situation was carefully explained to the pupils so that they were fully aware of why something was a hazard and the appropriate course of action to take.

During their visit each pupil learnt how to put someone in the recovery position. They followed the instructions from a safety video and found out why the recovery position is important.

The children were excellent ambassadors for the school during this trip and were complimented on their behaviour and participation during the visit. Well done Year 3!

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