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Sixth Form Awards 2019

Published on 04/12/19

On 3 December, we held an award ceremony at the Sixth Form to celebrate the achievements and hard work of our students. 

The Old Library was filled with students and teachers keen to celebrate each others achievements throughout the year. There were numerous award categories and each awarded student received a certificate and prize. Teachers from each award category stood and detailed why each student was chosen for the award. Reoccurring themes in these speeches were the caring and kind nature shown to other students and staff, going above and beyond to research their current topics and persevering through difficult aspects within their courses.  Students clapped and cheered for their friends who won an award; highlighting the sense of community and friendship that our students share. Congratulations to the following students who won an award in their respective category:


Boarding Awards

  • Trin

  • Itsaya

  • Caroline


Music Awards

Piano Grade 1 

  • Jiali

  • Chi

  • Vincent

Piano Grade 4

  • Anna

 Flute Grade 2

  • Seoyeon


Faculty Awards:

English and Humanities

  • Nara

  • Imogen

  • Anna



  • Imogen

  • Guy

  • Lucy

  • Chloe

  • Andy



  • Juyoung

  • Florence

  • Domenico

  • Tanicha

  • Cara


Computer Science

  • Jerry

Social Sciences

  • Imogen

  • Seungkyu

  • Issy

  • Emily

  • Yiyang


Visual Arts

  • Trin