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Stephen Perse Foundation donates iPads to Cambs Youth Panel

Published on 15/12/21

On Friday 11 December, Stephen Perse Principal Richard Girvan and Director of IT and Systems Development Andrew Brett donated 50 iPads, cases and chargers to the Cambs Youth Panel. 

The Cambs Youth Panel works with local councils as well as members of parliament. They give advice and guidance on all matters that affect young people to the key individuals who make the important decisions in our region. The Cambs Youth Panel looks for issues that need to be addressed and then does something about those issues. Recently this has meant getting computers to children and young people in repeated lockdowns.

Cambs Youth Panel believes that every child and young person needs a computer - digital inequality is a fair reflection of an unequal society that has been failing many children and young people for a long time. With Covid-19 digital inequality came to the forefront.

Andrew Brett, Stephen Perse Director of IT and Systems Development said: “The students and staff at the Foundation are fortunate to already have embedded into the curriculum a digital way of learning. With support from the Principal and Charitable Foundation Director, we made contact with Cambs Youth Panel to see how we could help close the divide on digital inequality which had been highlighted even more during the pandemic. Along with our commitment to provide 100% bursaries to students from North Cambridge Academy into our sixth form we are also delighted to be able to donate 50 iPads, cases and charges to help address digital inequalities amongst young people in our society.”

Phil, who founded the Cambs Youth Panel in 2016 said: “We are just delighted to receive these iPads because we know exactly where they will be put to the most good. This is a wonderful and very kind donation from the Stephen Perse Foundation and we can’t wait for 2022 so that we can continue to work with their team.”

Jonathan, aged 15 and a member of the Cambs Youth Panel said: “The Stephen Perse Foundation have really lifted us with this donation of iPads and we’re incredibly grateful for their kindness, their help and their support.”

To help support the excellent work of the Cambs Youth Panel please visit their website: