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Brain Power: Dr. Guy Sutton Returns to Challenge and Inspire our A Level Students

Published on 19/06/24

In a welcome return, neuroscientist Dr Guy Sutton delivered a talk to our A Level Biologists and Psychologists.

Guy Sutton’s primary research interests are the genetics of neural development and brain function, together with the interactive nature of biological, genetic and behavioural factors in disease processes. More generally, he has a passion for life sciences, philosophy and the history of scientific thought.

Dr Sutton’s work includes advising and teaching High Court judges, police, medical students, forensic pathologists and of course, A Level students.

He covered some of the material from the A Level courses including neurotransmission, brain structure and brain localisation. However, he also posed some challenging questions such as when consciousness might start, and end, and whether brain tissue grown in labs might ever become ‘conscious’. Brain development in teenagers, the link of social media to anxiety and depression and how attention may be affected by smartphones were also covered in his whistle stop explanations.

The highlights, as always, were the brain dissections and for our students the opportunity to hold a (sheep) brain.

In all, it was a fabulous day and we are as always grateful to have the experience and enthusiasm of Dr Sutton as an inspiration for our students.