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Professor Vincent Mak Delivers Engaging Talk on Strategic Thinking

Published on 27/06/24

Students Robert Y and Andre L tell us about the engaging talk on strategic thinking by Professor Vincent Mak.

Professor Vincent Mak from Cambridge University Judge Business School came to the Sixth Form to deliver a captivating talk about ‘Thinking Strategically’. The talk discussed the importance of strategic decisions and how to apply such thinking skills in the real world.

A compelling aspect of Professor Mak’s talk was his interaction with the audience. Professor Mak introduced different economic theories through accessible media such as games and videos. One of the most interesting parts was a guessing game where the audience had to predict a certain number based on what everyone else had picked. This encouraged students to think strategically and promote the ability to make rational decisions, which is an important aspect of behavioural economics.

Furthermore, the clip from Sherlock Holmes that Professor Mak showed at the end demonstrated the importance of making rational predictions based on how other people act - such an example made complex economic concepts accessible and helped us understand how the economy works in real life.