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Chinese New Year at Madingley Pre-Prep

Published on 08/02/19

Lucien in Year 2 tells us about the Chinese New Year activities at Madingley Pre-Prep.

Written by Lucien M, Year 2 at Madingley Pre-Prep:

Rosie’s mum came in to our class to talk about Chinese New Year. When Rosie’s mum came in we also made Chinese rattles and drew paper Chinese lanterns and made origami animals. The way we made the Chinese rattles was we took two paper plates red paint and a coloured wooden stick. we painted the paper plates  Neon red and we left them to dry. after they were dry we tied the bells on to the Chinese rattles. Rosie’s mum bought in some Chinese dragon colouring pictures, we coloured the Chinese dragons. Finally she let us try some delicious mango dessert, it was yummy! At the end, she gave us all chocolate coins and wished us a Happy New Year. We had a great morning.

Chinese New Year at the Pre-Prep

Chinese New Year at the Pre-Prep

Pre-Prep Chinese New Year

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