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China Trip 2017 - Day 11

Published on 28/07/17

China Trip 2017 - Day 11

Another early start for us! Once we had rolled out of our beds and grabbed some breakfast, we got on the coach to go to school. We started the day off with more Chinese lessons where we learnt some shopping vocab and did a practice paper for our ever-looming YCT test. After a short break, we then returned back to the classroom where we made tea.

This time, we made Oolong tea, black tea and jasmine tea. Everybody loved the jasmine tea as it smelt like flowers, although I thought it tasted a bit like perfume! The process of making the tea was very similar to before, however, we had to use different types of tea pots because it gave the tea a different taste. We then had our lunch break where we all enjoyed the school buffet- once again stuffing our trays with sweet and sour pork and struggling with the metal chopsticks. Our next lesson was calligraphy where we used the skills and strokes we had previously learnt to write. We also learnt to write '上善若水' which means 'goodness is like water' and it is the Chinese philosophy. We also learnt to write our Chinese names. Once we had finished calligraphy, we all returned to the classroom to start the YCT test which consisted of a 15 minute listening exam and a 20 minute reading exam. We all finished very early so we had a long break in which I helped the volunteers to set up for the leaving party tomorrow and where we had dinner. After dinner, we got our YCT test results back and retuned to the hotel- luckily we all passed so none of us had to resit!

A few schools (ours included) took a 15 minute walk to karaoke where we separated into booths and sang our hearts out, enjoying our last night in China.

Emily W.