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Year 4 explore the history of Roman pottery at the Saffron Walden Museum 

Published on 30/01/18

Dame B's Year 4 pupils explore the history and artefacts of Roman pottery in the Saffron Walden Museum

On Tuesday 30th January, Year 4 visited the Saffron Walden Museum to learn more about the Romans as part of their 'Rome was not Built in a Day' lesson theme. The pupils had the opportunity to walk around the museum to identify and record particular items in the galleries.

Roman Pottery

The Roman gallery held a range of interesting artefacts from the local area ranging from hair clips to weapons and pots. The Year 4 pupils were shown two complete pots as well as a glazed bowl which was used by wealthy Romans when entertaining and was also 'marked' by the Roman potter who had made it.

Roman Pottery

The Year 4s were even able to handle these artefacts albeit carefully! After deciphering  between pottery pieces as to whether they were parts of a larger beaker, jug or flagons, the Year 4 were lucky enough to make their very own Roman clay pot.  

Roman Pottery

A wonderful and insightful day was had by all!