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Year 4 Space Collaboration Day

Published on 23/02/18

What does it take to be selected for a mission to the moon? Dame Bradbury's and Junior School pupils find out!

On Thursday 22 February, Dame Bradbury's Year 4 travelled to the Junior School for a 'Space Collaboration Day'. The pupils had a fantastic time undertaking astronaut training ready for their 2018 moon expedition...

Space day

Each activity was designed to prepare team members for the mission and earned them points towards a final score, which would determine whether they had what it takes to be a space shuttle crew. The activities tested each group’s ability to work as a team and drew on their knowledge about the environment and science of the moon, as well as their practical skills of designing and making kit and their ability to solve problems. 

Space Day

Launching air powered rockets and testing the shock absorbing capacity on space landers created an excited buzz. Thinking skills were put to good use when pupils were asked to diamond nine the usefulness of items for their space trip. The final activity involved practising fine motor skills in large padded gloves. Bonus points, awarded for excellent teamwork, proved to be a deciding factor when it came to finishing positions.

space day

All in all this was an exciting event and the children from both schools of the Foundation enjoyed getting to know each other better.