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Year two City and Madlingley Performer’s Platform

Published on 09/06/19

On Thursday 23 May while the sun shone outside, pupils in Year 2 were shining under their own spotlight of individual musical talent. All Year 2s who have lessons on an individual instrument were invited to play in a concert at Madingley. 23 pupils accepted the offer and played their own piece to a receptive audience of staff, parents, grandparents and siblings.

The audience were treated to piano, violin, recorder and ukulele! We heard many different tunes from Greensleeves to Twinkle Twinkle and others such as ‘I want to be a Teabag!’ It was suggested that this player would not last long in school as a teabag! It was wonderful to see the pupils delight in taking a bow to clapping and cheers. We were impressed with the pupils’ concentration, timing and musicality. Mr Hewlett said, “I was highly impressed with the standard of musical performance. I was even more impressed with the children’s confidence and ‘have-a-go’ attitude, I will look forward to seeing their musical talents grow over the coming years!”


Well done to all those pupils who bravely and superbly played in the concert. Thanks also to the wonderful audience of parents who came to support this event.