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Dame Bradbury’s parent Mr Joe Rich shares his experiences as a politician and a senior barrister

Published on 10/06/19

We were delighted to welcome Dame Bradbury's parent Mr Joe Rich to Year 6 this week to hear about his life as a politician - and a senior barrister - on both a local and national level.

Mr Rich spoke about how he came to be interested in politics and remembered how, as an ex Dame Bradbury's pupil himself, the school principles of 'aim high, be kind and be yourself' had played a significant part in forming the basis for his beliefs in later life.

We learnt about how his career in law had helped him 'be a better politician' and how the most enjoyable parts of both jobs was most definitely the chance to meet lots of people and engage with them on topics that clearly mattered most to them.


Huge thanks to Mr Rich from all of us in Year 6 at Dame Bradbury’s. We wondered, at the end of his presentation, if a future Prime Minister might just be sitting amongst us!