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Sticks and Stones

Published on 13/01/20

By Alice

Our Year 6 topic this half term was called Sticks and Stones. We have done many activities and pieces of writing about WW1 and WW2, but our main focus was on WW1. 

To start of our topic we went to Latham Road to do our two minutes silence and read out some poems. We created pictures and sculptures with remembrance theme out of natural materials we have collected (in environmentally friendly fashion of course!). We have incorporated rosemary to strengthen the remembrance theme link. Some of the group creations included poppies or the shape of cross. 

In class we have been reading a book called Billy The Kid where the story line spans the time from WW1 until after WW2. We realised that not all events during the war were dreadful and ordinary humans continued to live their lives. In WW1 even the fighting stopped for Christmas Day and the soldiers played a football match.

It has been an interesting and informative topic to study.