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A busy week of remote learning across the Foundation

Published on 22/01/21

From attending a virtual day at the zoo to learning about the work of Martin Luther King Jr, here are just a handful of the activities that have been happening both remotely and on-site over the last week.

Nursery and Early Years

Madingley Kindergarten have been using dinosaurs to help them improve their estimating and counting skills.

Due to the recent bad weather Madingley Kindergarten were able to explore puddles in this week’s forest school session and discovered that some were quite deep!


Dame Bradbury’s Heliodor class had to think outside the box and come up with creative ways to excavate their dinosaurs out of blocks of ice.

Rosedale House

Monday was Martin Luther King Day so Rosedale House held an assembly exploring Martin Luther King Jr’s drive for equality.

Pupils have been making the most of the empty Senior School this week with Year 5 and 6 pupils enjoying painting Chinese inspired designs, playing chess and having a game of football on our fantastic rooftop sports pitch.

Year 5 have also been exploring the Great Wall of China this week and were tasked with making their own wall. Some pupils drew their designs whilst others brought theirs to life in 3D using building bricks!

On Friday Year 4 attended Chester Zoo’s virtual zoo day where they saw feeding time with the otters and got a close look at Koda the red panda!

Dame Bradbury’s

Year 1 energetically started the week with a PE session to get their hearts pumping!

The eco team launched the pledgehog scheme in assembly this week where staff and students had to write down something they could do to be more sustainable and then add their pledge to the hedgehog’s back.

Year 2 were in the 'Learn' phase of Plan, Learn, Do, Review this week, looking at everything from 3D printer instructions to how to plait hair in preparation for Do week next week.

Year 4’s silly hat lockdown challenge was a success this week with hats being made for soft toys and pets as well as themselves!

Senior School

Year 8 got stuck into a resistance workout earlier this week with our PE department.

Year 7 used their imagination to come up with interesting responses to a picture stimulus task in their drama lessons.

Sixth Form

Our boarding students have been working hard from the comfort of their rooms as they attend their usual lessons virtually.

To keep themselves active the boarding students played a few games of basketball together over at the Senior School.

This is only a small selection of this week’s remote learning, to keep updated with the latest news follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.