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Year 6 Collaboration - Learning to Blog

Published on 01/12/21

On a bright, sunny morning, Year 6 from our Junior Schools in Cambridge and Saffron Walden got together to learn all about blogging

The day started with an excellent talk from Mr Hill from Tortoise Media who talked to the pupils about the media and how to capture the audience’s attention through infographics, relating facts to something already known and thought-provoking writing. 

The pupils were split into four groups where they worked on the following skills: copywriting; photography; gif makinYear 6 Learn to Blog - photographyg; and audio recording. 

In photography, the pupils were tasked with taking photos using the rule of thirds, focussing clearly and thinking about the background. They were reminded to ‘make your picture fit your words’ from Mr Hill’s talk. They were challenged to take the ‘photo of the day’!

When copywriting, pupils were creating short, sharp sentences full of details and facts to engage the reader, using their critical thinking skills to justify their opinions.

Learning to record audio and, importantly, to layer sounds kept Year 6 busy. There was a real buzz as pupils used their creative thinking skills to record various sounds from voice to piano to strings.

Pupils used their ‘App hacking techniques’ and computational thinking to combine in Keynote to create gifs to convey their ideas.

One pupil commented: “I’m looking forward to people seeing my work.”

Another said, ‘I’m looking forward to making a visual blog.’ 

Whilst another commented, ‘I’m excited about sharing something that I’m really passionate about.’ 

The pupils have been tasked with creating something for the Year 6 Blog that explains what they are passionate about, so do keep an eye on the SPF website

Year 6 - Blog creative writingYear 6 - Blog creating gif files