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Fred the hamster

Published on 07/01/22

Hello! I’m Fred the hamster.

Hello! I’m Fred, I am one year old. People mistake me as fat but really it’s just their eyesight.

My mummy makes me snacks and really yummy ones. I eat them up like there’s no tomorrow! But she takes care of me so well that there will be a tomorrow.   

If you’re thinking of getting something like me (hamster) I think you should go to ‘Victoria Rachel’s’  YouTube channel. She has lots of hamsters and information about them! Well that’s what mummy says.

 I cost £10. Pretty inexpensive if you ask me. But I should be £100 because I think I’m so great. Humans think I’m just a small hamster minding my own business, living my small life. But really, honestly, I’m the cool one and they shouldn’t be assuming anything!