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Year 12 Geography Trip to Yorkshire

Published on 15/08/22

The Year 12 Geographers visited Yorkshire for three days in order to complete a range of fieldwork activities

They visited the fastest eroding coastline in Europe and Britain’s original seaside resort, Scarborough. The purpose of the trip was to prepare the students for their own piece of coursework which has to be independently designed and carried out. The students worked exceptionally hard and were a credit to the school.

Crandale Geography Trip by Year 12 students Emily A and Emily B

In late March, the Geography Sixth Form students went to the Cranedale centre in Yorkshire to visit the surrounding coastline and towns as an introduction to their independent investigation otherwise known as an NEA surrounding the topics of Coasts and Diverse Places. With this trip being the first residential since the arrival of Covid-19, both students and teachers were grateful for an extended trip that was both educational and enjoyable (the sunny weather played a huge role in this, I’m sure). Having previously known only a little about the investigation, the trip has created a strong foundation on what an essay of this scale needs to include as well as making it a less daunting task which was very much needed.

Upon arriving at the Cranedale Centre, we had a debrief on the itinerary and then settled into our rooms. There were many recreational activities available such as tennis and ping pong, as well as a communal area for everyone to gather and catch up about their long days. One of the biggest delights of the trip was the delicious three course meals featuring typical farmhouse foods like sticky toffee pudding, tomato soup and a full roast which provided a great deal of comfort after every long day.

With the days being quite full on leaving the centre at 9am and returning at 5pm in the afternoon, the trip was extremely productive. The first day focused on the physical side of the subject and gave us ideas on investigations that could be held on the coastline; measuring the steepness of a beach was certainly a new experience but the Cranedale guides managed to keep us in high spirits through regular breaks and even a pit stop at an ice-cream shop which was very much welcome in the unexpected heat.

On the penultimate day, we travelled to Scarborough where we learnt how to measure the attractiveness of different parts of the city using tools such as place diagrams and word pictures. This, along with the aid of the guides at Cranedale, helped many students to understand how to develop their own investigation within the topic of diverse places. The trip offered many excellent opportunities for us to sight see, relax and enjoy the weather; whilst also engaging in geographical studies.

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