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Junior School Cambridge celebrates National Poetry Day

Published on 19/10/23

Usually, graffiti is not something we encourage here at Junior School Cambridge, however on National Poetry Day, we made an exception

All of our pupils have been brushing up on their poetic skills and making a mark (quite literally) on our poetry SLAM wall! Year 1 added rhyming couplets, Year 2 alliteration, Year 3 made acrostic poems and Year 4 kept us guessing with their kennings. Our oldest students really impressed too with their thoughtful haikus and ‘ten word’ poems. It’s safe to say our poetry slam wall is a group effort!

As part of the celebrations, students in Year 4-6 were also lucky enough to enjoy a performance by rapper and poet, Mark Grist. Thoroughly entertained, our Year 6 students have offered their thoughts:

Henry said: “The best author visit we’ve ever had. He was funny and lively.”

Orla said: “He engaged with the audience by asking us questions and interacted with us.”

Zhonghua said: “I was surprised he was a rapping English teacher!”