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Year 8 Classics Day

Published on 16/11/23

Year 8 student Matilda S tells us all about the Year 8 Classics Day.

On Monday 19 June, we had a Classics Day, where there were a variety of fun and interesting activities organised by the wonderful people from Latin Now.

My favourite event was a lecture about the Roman mosaic and villa found underneath a field in Rutland. I personally found this very interesting, and was intrigued to find out more about it. I also enjoyed learning about Old Roman Cursive, the handwriting used in Rome rather than the Latin you normally see inscribed on monuments and similar things.

We looked at the Roman military, and Curse Tablets, writing in Old Roman Cursive as we did so. We also used various online tools to compete in a fun quiz, and looked at archaeological finds, talking about where they came from and what they may have been used for. We were also allowed to use realistic replicas of the writing tools that were used by the Romans, such as wax tablets in papyrus.

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire day, and it was an amazing learning experience for the entirety of Year 8.

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