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Early Years Forest School - spring is on its way

Published on 06/03/24

Spring is on its way, and the children at Early Years Forest School have been busy exploring the signs of the changing season.

Stephen Perse Early Years Forest SchoolReception classes have been observing the River Cam, noticing how recent rainfall has impacted the local nature reserve. They've been avid birdwatchers, building feeders and spotting a variety of feathered friends, from herons and swans to robins, buzzards, and jays. They've even been learning about new plant growth, including the beautiful but poisonous Lords and Ladies.

Madingley Kindergarten discovered a flooded forest area, reflecting the changing weather. They also spotted the first signs of spring, including snowdrops, hazel catkins, and cherry blossoms at Madingley Hall.

Cambridge Kindergarten may have seen the most rain, but they haven't let it dampen their spirits! They've shown true resilience, embracing the mud and puddles with playful energy. They enjoyed digging for treasure on the mud hill, sorting their finds into ‘dinosaur bones’ and ‘fairy treasures’.

Stephen Perse Early Years Forest SchoolFinally, all the children at Forest School celebrated ‘fire week’ with delicious home-cooked pancakes enjoyed over the fire.

From birdwatching and plant exploration to embracing the changing weather and enjoying fireside treats, Forest School offers a unique and enriching learning environment for our early years pupils. As spring approaches, we're excited to see what new discoveries and adventures await!