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Holroyd Howe aim to engage pupils and students with food and educate them on ingredients, cooking, nutrition and sustainability through fun activities.

Tasting Tables

The discovery of a seasonal fruit or vegetable cooked in different ways. Interactive approach to try new food as this can sometimes be challenging for the students.

Chef Demonstration

Holroyd Howe development chefs will hold two food demonstrations each term. These events are interactive and fun and are designed to continually add a touch of theatre. They range from pasta and sushi to fresh juices and bread making.

Live Theatre

Always good fun; a range of dishes cooked in front of the students. The dishes can range from countries around the world.

Supplier Day

Holroyd Howe encourages students to try new things by hosting regular discovery days. These events are usually sponsored and supported by their suppliers, who bring samples of different fruits, vegetables and cuts of meats. Different products are showcased in their natural state and Holroyd Howe will show how these can be cooked in a variety of different ways.