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The Stephen Perse Sixth Form Guidance Programme has vastly expanded during the last few years and offers a range of key elements including invited speakers, university talks, workshops and personal guidance. Students are supported throughout the process from the day they arrive at the sixth form through to their results, starting university and even a gap year if taken. This includes:

  • Induction to the Guidance Programme and its events on day one whilst highlighting the advantages of having Cambridge as our campus.

  • Ongoing individual consultations with tutors and designated members of the Guidance team from Year 12 through to results day. Specific Guidance checks at the end of year 12 and beginning of year 13.

  • Full access and training for the careers and university platform Unifrog.

  • Enrolment in a Guidance specific Google Classroom that provides daily updates on anything university related from open days to online events, competitions to curriculum taster days.

  • A full Guidance and Careers day in Year 12 where there are a range of talks and opportunities to meet and discuss the application process with universities, employers, businesses and specialists in degree apprenticeships and foundation courses from both local representatives and nationwide. The chance to speak to employers and employees at this event allows students to consider where their degree may take them. 

  • Portfolio preparation for foundation courses and transcripts for overseas applications.

  • Series of talks from top universities including World Class Study London, campus and provincial universities throughout Year 12.

  • Regular access to our weekly Inspire and Guide speaker programme as required with a chance to meet speakers.

  • Short and half day workshops on how to write a personal statement, register with UCAS and apply.

  • Short and half day workshops on using the careers and university platform Unifrog to search for careers, university courses and to research the competencies that are both required and will strengthen an application.

  • Short and half day workshops on work experience CV and writing cover advice.

  • Assemblies raising the profile of extra curricular activities such as MOOCS that may enhance applications, gap year opportunities, gap year options and post qualification applications.

  • Full interview preparation and practice with external specialists for those students in Year 13 for those that require it. This includes mock multiple mini interviews in addition to standard interviews for medics, vets and dentists.

  • Extension and preparation for aptitude and entrance tests.

  • A range of overseas university fairs with representatives from Europe, North America Asia and more. 

  • Tutor time based activities to focus on the competencies that universities and employers are looking for. Advice on how to build these early in the sixth form in preparation for the personal statement and interview.

  • An opportunity to meet for tea with our Alumni to ask questions about university life, applying to university, tips and hints. An opportunity to hear for Year 13 students about their experience of the UCAS system during tutor time.

  • On-going advice in tutor groups and including opportunities to hear from year 13 about their experience in the UCAS system.

  • A well-stocked library of resources with a learning support coordinator to assist with queries. Full library induction and new library stock for subject extension and to support Extended Essay writing and wider reading.

  • An opportunity to reflect on the reference and to ensure that the Head of Sixth Form is fully aware of the multiplicity of personal as well as academic strengths that the student possesses.

  • Opportunities to discuss support in the final and important process of achieving the offers that are given.

There are many other ways in which students are supported and our overarching aim is for every student to be individually encouraged and advised throughout. We welcome the support of parents in this process and are happy to talk to you about it.