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A ride in a fire engine, walking blindfolded around the school or simply finding out what your parents do at work all day are some of the ways our children learn about life in the world outside school.

Personal, social, health education (PSHE) is all about social development and learning to be a responsible member of the community, so it touches on everything from understanding how other people might think and feel to knowing the importance of healthy eating and money management.

A PSHE lesson could involve a visit by an MP or a trip to the Houses of Parliament to find out about democracy, then trying it out for yourself through the School Council. Or you might learn about the dangers of drugs and alcohol and the importance of keeping safe on the internet.

Cycling proficiency

Reception pupils take a bus to the market to go shopping – and discover the value of money – while Year 5 children try their hand at being entrepreneurs. Buying chickens and selling the eggs, spray-painting pencils and sewing name-tags into clothes are just three of the businesses they’ve set up.

Classroom visits by police officers, firemen, nurses and doctors give them a chance to find out about other people’s lives. Then they compare and contrast with their parents’ by surveying them on their jobs.

As well as having lots of fun, they learn valuable skills that help them establish strong roots, values and friendships throughout their lives.