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Many things inspire. The event on Tuesday 5th March 2013 certainly managed this with a blend of conversation opportunities in the school hall and also a chance to hear some presentations and Q&A with leaders in a range of fields - not exactly on how to follow a particular career path but rather on how to utilise various skills and acquire them in order to make the most of career paths.

The range of talks were: where languages can take you, the role of work experience, volunteering, developing versatility, employability, digital literacy, communication in the global workplace, the place of travel and the importance of the arts.

We are very grateful to all involved: Stuart Jenkinson, Lesley Keal, Sarah Colwell, Anna Wills, Amy Foster, Alex van Dijk, Dave Murphy and Chris O'Connor. Also to the exhibitors from a range of companies and professions and to Mrs Lesley Lloyd, Guidance Tutor at The Stephen Perse Foundation, for her organisation.