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During the Year 9 Visual Arts course students will rotate through Fine Art and Textiles. In both areas students will work with drawing, photography, digital art using Procreate on the iPad. In each area there is an emphasis on researching, developing an idea, analysing, recording, reflecting, experimenting, problem solving and refining in order to achieve a personal outcome. However, students will use different media and materials.

Fine Art - Inspired by Music

In this half year rotation students will investigate the relationship between Art and Music; how artists have been inspired by music and how the subjects have a shared vocabulary. Listening to music will be encouraged to stimulate visual ideas to make designs. Students will focus on illustration, mixed media and painting techniques to develop ideas for their own creative outcome based on a song of their choice.


In this half year rotation students will work through a design process using a design brief. Having researched sectors of the fashion industry, students will use their own photography from the Botanic Gardens to inspire their design work. Working with selected practical textile techniques of tie dye, heat transfer printing, Gelli printing and screen printing they will design and create their own T shirt.

An aim of this year course is to gather the information to help students in their decision making of whether to continue their Art and Design education on a Fine Art or Textiles pathway for GCSE.