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Social responsibility is key to learning at Dame B's and is threaded throughout our curriculum.

We encourage our pupils to look beyond their own lives and needs, so that helping others becomes second nature, as we believe that social responsibility is a fundamental part of good citizenship wherever you are in the world.

Social responsibility
Bessie the Bear, championing the UN's Global Goal #16, visited Dame B's in 2018

Across Dame B's we aim to instil social responsibility through example and action, with each child involved at some level. We invite representatives from local and national charities to visit the school, and each year the school’s three houses choose a charity each, chosen by a democratic vote, to promote, support and raise funds for, with the whole house involved, led by the house captains.

Our school council is also actively involved in supporting the local community, with the children being pivotal in choosing community partners who they would like to work with. Children are encouraged to take ownership of these initiatives so that they can see that it is possible for each one of them to make a difference in however small a way.

Maddi Day
Pupils raise money for The Maddi Foundation in June 2018


Our school community